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Social Media Tips Part 2

Social Media Tips Part 2

Social media has a large impact on our lives. Social media can influence our decisions, allow us to stay connected with others, and helps us stay updated with the latest news and trends. While social media can be used positively, it is important to be cautious and practice safe daily social media habits. When using any social media platform, you can be at risk of encountering data breaches, cyber attackers, and other scams. Here are some helpful tips to keep you safe:   

Be Careful What You Post 

When making a post online, it can be easy to think that you could delete that post at any time, so it isn’t a big deal if you regret it later. This is far from the truth. Yes, you can delete any social media posts at any time, but many people could have already saved and downloaded any social media posts before you decided to delete them. It is important to be careful what you are posting to maintain a positive online reputation as well as maintain your safety.  

What you can do: When creating a post for your social media accounts try to remember that nothing is fully private, the internet is forever, and keep in mind that some people may misunderstand your post. Ask yourself, “would I be okay with my parents, children, or future employer seeing this?” If the answer is yes, then you should be good to go! Remember to avoid sharing too much personal information. 

Be Cautious of What You Click 

Criminals can easily access your personal information by tricking you into clicking on a link that contains harmful software. Typically, these links are found in emails, text messages, or private messaging on social media platforms. Even ads can contain fake links to websites in an attempt to try to involve you in a cyber-attack. Being cautious of what you are clicking can keep yourself and your personal information safe and secure.  

What you can do: Only visit trusted sites. Avoid clicking on any links from random messages and emails that you receive. If you weren’t expecting the message then it might be a scam. If you are still unsure, you can contact the company directly to confirm if the message is safe or not.  

Block and Filter Content  

Utilizing privacy settings on social media platforms can allow you to block and filter out unwanted content. This can help you safely use your social media accounts and keep the environment on the platform safe for everyone using it.   

What you can do: On most social media platforms you can block comments from specific users. You are also able to block specific words or phrases that may be harmful to you or others. There are features available to allow you to filter your feed, block individuals, and report harmful content. To learn more about blocking and filtering content to make your social media experience safer, visit this website!  

Using social media has so many great benefits including making connections and education, and it can be fun to stay up to date with the latest trends, but many risks come with using social media and it is important to be aware of those risks and practice safe social media habits. We hope that you can incorporate these helpful tips into your life when using social media!