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Business Services

Streamline Managing Your Money

We offer several services that allow you to streamline processes, simplify payments and improve security.

Remote Deposit Capture

Do you need flexible hours to make your deposit while saving time? Check out our Security Capture Program!

Why use our Remote Deposit system?

Scan checks at your own desk.

Security Capture gives businesses the ability to scan checks at their desk and securely transmit data and images for deposit into your SBUSA business checking account. This process eliminates the physical transportation of checks, accelerates funds availability, and provides error-free, balanced deposits.

Strengthen banking relationships.

Businesses can improve cash flow and working capital through faster clearings and enhanced availability.

Fast and travel free!

  • Make deposits on your time, as you receive payments.
  • No limit. Deposits at any hour.
  • No employee trips to bank.
  • No liability of deposits in transit.
  • No delay in collection.


  • Deposits are credited from 8:30am-5pm.
  • Deposits after 5pm are credited the next business day.
  • Deposits can be made into multiple accounts.

Safe Deposits

  • Reduce document loss.
  • Save all check images for your reference.
  • Reduce fraud risks.

Positive Pay

Prevent check fraud to save your business money and verify all your transactions. With Positive Pay, check numbers and values are checked against a list that you provide. Once a check clears the bank, it is compared to the file you uploaded. If any of the information doesn’t match, the transaction is flagged for you to review before the check is paid in full.

ACH Transactions

Streamline your cash management process by eliminating paper checks and improve efficiency and cash flow with Automated Clearing House (ACH). ACH is a reliable and convenient electronic network for financial transactions. With ACH, you can:

  • Pay employees (direct deposit)
  • Send or receive payments from vendors
  • Collect associate dues and rent payments
  • Set up recurring payments
  • Move funds from bank to bank
  • Reduce processing costs
  • Maintain payment security


Lock Box

Let us receive and process client payments for you, electronically deliver those payments, and credit your accounts with no delay. It's easy and secure for you and your customers.

We've Got Your Mail

Your Business will rent a P.O. Box at the Bemidji Post Office for payments to be delivered.

Security BankUSA will collect those payments from the Post Office for you.

You've Got Savings

Benefits to you include:

  • Save employee time
  • Processing actual payments
  • Dramatically reduce research time
  • Cost savings to the bottom line
  • Bank retains records for 7 years
  • Saves $$ - Business will no longer have to purchase deposit tickets for security lock box

We Make Your Deposits

We take it from there:

  • Process the payment
  • Make the deposit to your account
  • Electronically deliver all payment information to you through a secure site.

Then you take over:

  • Download payment information
  • Research, track, and record.
  • View payment and / or check images upon demand