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Ryan Baer, John Baer, Tiffany Baer Paine
Thank You to Our Valued Customers and Community!

It is the season of gratitude and the perfect time to reflect on the great value our customers and community bring to our lives and business.

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Security Bank Personal Banking Team
Banking 101 – Common Questions Answered

By understanding these common banking questions and their answers, you can confidently manage your finances and make informed decisions about your money.

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Security Bank USA Cybersecurity
Cybersecurity is Not Optional!

In today's interconnected world, where the internet has become an integral part of our daily lives, the importance of cybersecurity cannot be overstated. With an ever-increasing volume of sensitive information being transmitted and stored online, the risks of cyberattacks have grown exponentially.

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Security Bank Personal Banking Team
The Importance of Fun at Work

While productivity, efficiency, and results are undoubtedly important aspects of any job, there's something equally significant that should never be underestimated: fun at work.

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Security Bank USA Community

Security Bank USA Piggy
Raising Financially Savvy Kids: Teaching Money Management from an Early Age

Teaching kids about money is one of the most valuable life skills parents can impart. Financial literacy is essential and starting early can set your children up for a lifetime of responsible financial decisions.

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Security Bank USA Business Banking
Ten Steps to Start Your Business

Starting a business involves planning, making key financial decisions, and a lot more. Security Bank is here to help! Here are 10 steps to help you start the business you have been dreaming about!

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Business Banking at Security Bank USA
How Security Bank USA’s Business Lenders Support Your Business Needs

Business lenders play a vital role in supporting businesses by providing access to capital, offering flexible financing solutions, and sharing expert guidance. At Security Bank USA, our dynamic business lenders – Ryan Baer, Carl Johnson, and Scott Kurtzweg- will empower your success and help you navigate the path to growth.

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Commercial Lending

Security Bank USA Lumberjack Scramble
The Amazing Security Bank USA Lumberjack Scramble

The 29th Annual Security BankUSA Lumberjack Scramble will be held on Friday, August 11th at the Bemidji Town & Country Club. We are very excited for this year’s Scramble and invite you to get involved!

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Community Banking Bemidji

Security Bank USA - Learn More!
Learn More About Security BankUSA

Security Bank USA is your local, community bank located in Bemidji, Minnesota. Our bank has been serving the Bemidji area and surrounding communities since its establishment in 1910.

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Mental Health
Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace

Mental health awareness in the workplace is crucial for creating a supportive and healthy work environment.

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