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Home Application Checklist

What You'll Need for Your Security BankUSA Home Loan Application

Here is a useful list to help you start collecting and updating the information you'll need to apply for your Home Loan.

Home Loan Borrower Information

  • Most recent pay stubs showing year to date income for pay period covering 30 days.
  • Last year's W-2's for all jobs.
  • If self employed with more than 25% ownership in business; need two years personal and corporate or partnership Federal Tax Returns with all schedules. YTD Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet.
  • If retired, copy of most recent Social Security Award Letter and other Retirement Income Documentation.
  • Copy of current bank checking and savings statements covering one month. Retirement accounts and IRA's.

Home Loan Property Information

  • Copy of Purchase Agreement signed by all parties for purchase transaction.
  • Sworn Construction Statement with copies of bids, plans and specifications for construction loans.
  • Legal description from abstract, survey or prior title insurance policy.
  • County Real Estate Tax Statement with parcel number.

Other Information For Your Home Loan

  • If refinance transaction; copy of hazard insurance policy with effective dates and annual premium listed. Copy of last monthly billing statement from existing mortgage lender.
  • Name and address of current landlord.
  • If 1st time homebuyer; Copy of Homebuyer Class Completion Certificate.